WA Bar Exam

Hi! This is Alex Bezu. In 2011, I designed this self-study course for an old all-essay Washington bar exam. The last administration of this type of exam occurred in February of 2013. Since when I published my outline in September 2011, the exam was administered three times. My outline was downloaded over 1000 times; by about every third exam taker during the three administrations. I received a lot of good to awesome feedback from students and attorneys like you. I thank you for giving me pleasure to serve you in this way. I was truly honored by your kind words of thanks.

Beginning from July 2013 the bar exam in Washington became the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE). You can still use my materials for some areas of law tested on the UBE. However, I cannot give you any recommendations on how to use them. You are using these materials as you wish at your own discretion and risk. Further, I provide tips for the old all-essay bar exam. You are welcome to draw your conclusions and apply the same principles. I took and passed the UBE in 2012 in Idaho. For essay portion, the Multisate Essay Exam (MEE), I used the outline posted on this website, but operated only with common law rules when I wrote essay answers. If you have questions, I am open to answer them. You are welcome to call or email me.

Now, here are the valuable old tips and comments for the old all-essay exam.

I finished law school in two years and took Washington State Bar Exam three weeks after graduation. I’m not a genius. My memory is not that good. English is my second language. How was this possible then? The secret to my success is in short and simple outlines and lectures I used. The shorter the outline the better. When I began studying for the bar I found no bar review course that would meet my criteria. Why?

1) Audio and video lectures were too long.

2) Too much reading and listening cluttered my brain.

3) I didn’t want to pay for a bar prep course.

4) I wanted to have less stress during practice and on my bar exam.

Therefore, I created my own course. My method is simple and yet powerful.

1) You start with extremely short Quick Reviews (QR) which should only take you a couple of days.

2) Then you start listening full lectures and read my extremely short (yet full) 30 page rule statement outline.

3) After you have run through a subject area 2-3 times start writing using released past bar exams. During your first essays you may look into the outline. Compare your rule statements with those in the outline and compare your analysis with that in the released passing answers.

4) Continue listening lectures and writing practice essays. Gradually you will gain confidence and will have little to no need to refer back to the outline. I believe it should happen at some point after 100 substantive essays and 50 ethics essays.

5) Simulate the exam conditions by writing three substantive essays (or 6 ethics essays) at a time in 2 hour and 15 minutes. At some point, simulate the full bar exam by doing 9 essays every day two days in a row.

6) In the last week before the exam only listen QRs and write 3-5 essays a day. Write more essays for the areas you feel less confident about but do not disregard other areas.

7) March on into the room and write with confidence just as you did during your practice. You will be just fine.

I wish you success on your study for the UBE.

Alex Bezu