Alex Bezu grew up in Soviet Russia. As a kid he was distinguished in math, music, arts, languages and small business. Even today he plays accordion, piano and guitar. His entrepreneurial skills were so strong that at the age of 21 he ended up being a deputy CEO in a company with 100+ employees. At the age of 16, coming from a poor and remote town he entered a state university in Moscow City. His love for education continued through graduate schools in New Zealand and in the United States resulted in two bachelor’s degrees, a master’s degree and a law degree. In his 20s, Alex began to explore the world learning languages. One impressive fact is that Alex learned Spanish from 0 to fluent in 90 days. Before he moved in the States in 2008, he lived, worked, or toured in 15 countries. Eventually he mastered interpreting skills which allowed him to interpret in English, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian. He translated a few books and interpreted for hundreds of hours. Alex is kind, gentle and sincere person. He believes that life should simple and that we should serve each other by gifts that we were given.



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