Download and enjoy. This outline is unique in many respects.

1) Each point is a rule formulated in a short manner acceptable for the Washington bar essays.

2) Each rule starts with an underlined heading. The heading is an issue statement. Use these headings on your essays. Full issue statements look nice but they take up valuable space and hardly ever give you additional points.

3) UCC outlines are organized in the same order in which your answer should flow.

4) Useful abbreviations help you write essays quicker and save space. E.g. HDC stands for Holder in Due Course. You will soon learn to abbreviate practically and professionally.

5) Ethics outline is short. Yet it includes almost all issues you will hit on the exam.

6) By writing rule formulations times and times again you will master Washington bar essay writing art.

WA Bar Exam Rule Statements Outline 2012 by Alex Bezu

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